MetaMerce Token Contract Address:

ERC20: 0x48a58fdf91ab56b5700d853733b860b4cde08b26
BSC: 0x81b08CEBE3F39308A8333D2143877373CbAC426A

About MetaMerce Token...

MetaMerce Token resides on the Ethereum blockchain. It is an ERC20 deflationary token aiming to revolutionize the secondary goods industry. By partnering with the nation’s largest retailers and utilizing reverse logistics program(s), MetaMerce will become a global distributor within a trillion dollar market. Step into the future of shopping, MetaMerce Market, a virtual reality e-commerce platform within the MetaVerse sector.

Launched: 9/22/22

MetaMerce Token Roadmap

Q2, 2022
Q3, 2022
Q4, 2022
Q1, 2023
Q2, 2023
Q3, 2023
Q4, 2023
Q1, 2024

Meet Our Team!

Aaron Golden


Over 17 years of professional work experience. During this time, I have acquired knowledge and skills in many different industries. A few of those include; Manufacturing, Retail, E-commerce, Logistics, small business ownership, Law Enforcement and Liquidations

Adam Scalf


My name is Adam Scalf, one of four Founders of MetaMerce Token LLC. I have been in Crypto for 4 years, working with Top Influencers and Crypto Projects/Businesses in the Market. I have worked business and logistics for nearly 13 years.

Brian Boorman


Proud Christian, husband and father of 3. Family first. Business is Business, and success is only limited to your imagination. iT professional with a passion for Crypto.

Ron Medeiros


I am truly honored to be a part of this project. I have my degree in marketing from USC and was a marketing director for many years for a theatrical company in California. Just before COVID my family and I opened a small business reselling liquidation items. To watch my children thrive and gain business knowledge at such a young age is priceless. I believe this project will bring much needed attention to this industry and help people save money on general merchandise & make some money along the way



MetaMerce Token is proud to announce that we have established a Hyper Launch Safemoon partnership and are exclusively listed on the SafeMoon swap.  Second to none community and a platform we are ecstatic to be partnered with.