Frequently Asked Questions

What is MetaMerce Token?

MetaMerce Token resides on the Ethereum Blockchain.  It is an ERC20 deflationary token aiming to revolutionize the secondary goods industry. By partnering with the nation’s largest retailers and utilizing reverse logistics program(s), MetaMerce Token will become a global distributor within a  trillion dollar industry.  MetaMerce Market, a virtual reality E-commerce platform within the MetaVerse, will pave the way for crypto adoption world-wide.

What are MetaMerce Token utilities?

MetaMerce Token will partner with the nations largest retailers to acquire liquidated merchandise. MetaMerce Token will establish a distribution center focusing on the secondary goods industry and the small business owners utilizing liquidated goods. MetaMerce Token will develop an e-commerce platform that is not only crypto friendly, but also business friendly. Our goal is to help small businesses grow, as well as further crypto adoption, which we will do by addressing the pain points currently hindering growth in this industry.  MetaMerce Token will build a distribution center for businesses to buy and sell these products on the MetaMerce Token e-commerce platform, followed by a mall in the Metaverse.  By utilizing liquidation we will attract consumers who are looking to save money off of full retail price.  We will also attract sellers than can buy the products directly from us and have the ability to list and sell these goods on our platform as well.  

What is the MetaMerce Token Mission?

MetaMerce Token is driven by our passion for Crypto Currency and the lack of global adoption.


MetaMerce Token will establish partnerships that will expand all across the United States, as well as internationally.


MetaMerce Token will build one of the greatest community driven projects in Crypto.


Our team is experienced and motivated to help lead the community and implement the necessary changes to help further crypto acceptance.


Utilizing one of the most active industries on the planet, we will develop and grow our utilities to expand world-wide leveraging retail adoption.


MetaMerce Market – Evolving e-commerce and transitioning consumers into the future of crypto currency.

What is the total supply?

One Billion Tokens (1,000,000,000)

How long will the liquidity be locked?

Liquidity will be locked for 90 days.

What was the starting price for Private Sale Investors?

Starting Price for Private Sale Investors: 0.00066

What is/was the starting price at Launch?

  • Starting Price for Launch: 0.0006947

What is the maximum amount of tokens that can be sold?

Maximum number of tokens that can be sold is .2% or 2,000,000 tokens.

What is the maximum amount of tokens I can hold in my wallet?

The maximum amount of tokens that can be held per wallet is 1% of the supply per wallet.

15% Slippage is recommended


17% Reserve (5% Available/10% – Locked for 6 Months)
4.75% Liquidity Pool
14.37% Private Sale (vested for 90 days)
10.38% Development & Marketing
10% Staking (5% Available/5% – Locked for 6 Months)
4% Farming
4% Team (Locked for 6 months)
16.5% Partnerships (5% Available/11.5% – Locked for 6 Months)
5% Centralized Exchanges (2% Available/3% – Locked for 6 Months)
12% Treasury

2% Bridging Reserve

How much Tax per transaction?

10% buy
4% Marketing & Developing- Continued growth of our project.
2% Buy Back & Bank – Purchase of tokens to build value within the company
2% Liquidity – Adding more support to maintain a healthy foundation.
2% reflections – Providing passive income to each holder.

10% Sell
4% Marketing & Developing
2% Buy Back & Bank
2% Liquidity
2% reflections

Does MetaMerce Token have a RoadMap?

MetaMerce Token RoadMap is located at www.MetaMerceToken.com, and is available to the community for review.

Has the team been fully doxxed?

Yes, we’re a fully doxxed team, more information about the Core Team can be found at www.MetaMerceToken.com.

What security measures have been taken?

Our smart contract will be audited by third party companies, such as, Dessert Finance, and Certik.

Core Team members will also complete a (KYC) Know Your Customer via Certik.

Do you offer reflections?

2% Reflections on every Buy and Sell will be distributed amongst all holders.

Will you offer Staking and Farming?

Staking and Farming will be made available for all holders.

What is the Contract Address?


Do you have an Anti-Whale System?

Yes, Brewlabs constructed an Anti-Whale system into the Contract.

Do you have an Anti-Bot System?

Yes, Brewlabs constructed an Anti-Bot system into the Contract.

When are you applying for CoinMarketCap?

CoinMarketCap application will be submitted immediately following the launch of MetaMerce Token.

When are you applying for CoinGecko?

CoinGecko Application will be submitted immediately following the launch of MetaMerce Token.

How do I get MetaMerce Token?

First you would need to download a hot wallet. ERC-20 supported wallets can be loaded on any mobile, tablet, or desktop application. Hot wallet compatible ERC-20 links:
MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet – Your key to the world of crypto. You can choose from various wallets to use. For example: MetaMask, TrustWallet, and Coinbase
Wallet all support ERC-20 tokens. In your wallet using your dApps, goto Uniswap and connect your wallet, copy MetaMerce Token Contract from our website at
www.MetaMerceToken.com, paste the contract into UniSwap, select your Ethereum and
Swap it for MetaMerce Token.

Will the Supply have a burn?

No, we will have a Buy-Back and Bank wallet initially. We will be in the process of
creating a Treasury Contract with Brewlabs to buyback MetaMerce Tokens via Ethereum
to sustain value in the token. Tokens will then be stored in the Treasury, during each
buyback performed all holders will receive reflections for every transaction of buyback

When will MetaMerce Token Launch?

Launch date is tentatively scheduled for September 1, 2022.

Who developed the Contract?
Why an ERC-20 token, why not launch on the Binance Smart Chain?

Due to the Market our token will initially focus on, the Core team has decided to launch
on the Ethereum Network to better provide our community. MetaMerce Token will
launch on Binance Smart Chain at a later date and develop a bridge between BSC & ETH

Who controls the deployer wallet?

All Core Team Members control the deployer wallet. At minimum, three team members
will provide a signature to gain access to the deployer wallet.

If I have further questions, how do I contact the Core Team Members?
What makes Metamerce Token different?

What makes MetaMerce Token different is simple, its target is the Retail sector. Our goal is to revolutionize the secondary goods industry by utilizing the MetaMerce Token as a form of payment. So, what makes it so different and unique is the simple fact that there is no other projects on the market that are currently doing what we’re about to do.

How old is the project?

Metamerce Token was established November, 2021.  

Why are we delighted to be listed with SafeMoon?

We’re delighted to list with Safemoon because our business is in line with the direction of Safemoon. What that means is Safemoon has a focus on commerce, whereas MetaMerce Token has its focus on the e-commerce sector. With our combined visions we can control nearly every aspect of online shopping by providing an online shopping experience never before seen. It only makes sense for us to partner with Safemoon, the SafeMoonArmy, and the Safemoon communities as our visions align.

How to purchase MetaMerce Token on the Safemoon Swap?

Being exclusively launched on Safemoon, you will be required to download/install the Safemoon Wallet.  Once the wallet is created/setup, you will then have access to swap your ETH for MetaMerce Token.  

Meet the SafeMoon Community

Get involved with Safemoon by visiting their website and following all of their Social Platforms:











Meet the MetaMerce Token Community
What will the future look like for MetaMerce Token

We will be a global distributor for the secondary goods market.  We will create an e-commerce platform that will accept MetaMerce Token as a form of payment. and eventually create a mall within the Metaverse.  See our roadmap for a more comprehensive breakdown.